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As per HB 1240 enacted by the 81st Legislative Session, DSHS announces the availability of Parent's Guide to Raising Healthy, Happy Children. This developmental resource guide is only available free of charge to prenatal care providers, including hospitals, birthing centers, physicians, nurse midwives, and midwives, who provide prenatal care or deliver an infant of a pregnant woman enrolled in Medicaid. The resource guide should only be distributed by providers to Medicaid-enrolled women receiving the above mentioned services, the father of the infant, or another adult caregiver.

Orders must be placed in a bulk amount to exceed 100 in order to receive the guides free of charge and orders may be placed for up to a one-year supply. To ensure prompt processing of your order, please include in the additional information box, "For HB 1240".

For providers, families or other interested parties who do not meet the statutory requirements of this legislation (and are not eligible to receive the resource guide for free), guides may be purchased in bulk or individually through Texans Care for Children at

Parenting Guides

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A Parent's Guide to Raising Healthy, Happy Children

Parenting Guide - English
Parenting Guide - Spanish
Minimum total Quantity 100 in multiples of 25 English or Spanish.

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